Burro’s tail is not prone to many insects or pests; they usually get aphids. They live outdoors year round. Suffocating roots shut down and stop delivering water to the stems and beads. Nell, Enjoyed the post, the pictures are something for me to dream about. Was es beim Kaufen Ihres Sedum burros tail zu beurteilen gilt! Hello thank you for the advice you’ve provided! If you can help me with any comment or advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Your succulent looks amazing! There was only one that way from the many I broke off. Thanks for any help. Mine gets morning sun which it prefers. Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Burros Tail sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Mine happily resides in a large square terra cotta pot with my now 5-year-old Coleus “Dipped In Wine” (yes, they’re technically perennials) and a Golden Weeping Variegated Boxwood which I brought home from Kew Gardens as a wee cutting. Sounds like you have the Burrito or Baby’s Burro’s Tail. Nell. Will the stems and leaves turn downward at some point?? If you want a real icebreaker at parties, then wear your Burro’s Tail as a necklace! In the cooler months indoor succulents need watering every 2-6 weeks, depending on the pot size & type & environment of your home. It takes a little while for those new plants to form so be patient. Do you have any suggestions? Nell. I took lots of cuttings though! , Hi Andy – Thumbs which are brown can slowly turn green. My issue is I tried saving it from the store since its stretched itself. Hi Sam – No it’s not, the stems usually stay nice & plump. They are still green but are starting to look like raisins. Back off on the watering, maybe every 2-3 weeks. In winter, maybe every 2-3 weeks. I’ve read that when succulents don’t get enough sun, they elongate, but I don’t want them to burn. From there, you can insert the leaves into a new pot filled with cacti or succulent soil mixture, leaving about half of each leaf exposed above the soil line. Mine bloomed for the first time ever this year although there were only 3 clusters on that big ole plant. Egal wieviel du im Themenfeld Sedum burros tail erfahren möchtest, siehst du bei uns - als auch die ausführlichsten Sedum burros tail Erfahrungen. $15.00 $ 15. Nell. You can go up to a 10″ pot or larger if you’d like. Any opinions are greatly appreciated! I’m so jealous of your succulent garden by the way! Nell. The trails on mine are very long – yours should explode too. Hope that helps! Hi Nell,, I just found your site. Donkey's Tail - Burros Tail Plant. The unusual leaves on the cascading stems resemble animals tails and the common names listed for sedum include donkeys-tail,… It will get plenty of light. I would like to repot it but any little touch sends the buds falling – Don’t know whether to leave it alone or start again – I hate to destroy this plant, Hi Virginia – Burro’s Tail grows like crazy but it can be tricky to work with. Any opinions are greatly appreciated! It’s very important to not overwater this plant. Does over or underwatering cause this? I don’t want it to die because its like my pet now lol do you have any advice? Leave the dropped leaves out of water and soil for a few days for them to harden at the bottom. Yes, over or under watering could definitely be causing it. If you’re growing it indoors, make sure it has enough light. First off. share. Great info! Nell. Any advice you can give would be much appreciated. I keep it indoors. Instead, opt to mist them every few days with organic neem oil until the aphids disappear (typically around two to three weeks). They, therefore, have an average lifespan of about 25 to 30 years. Hello, Hey Nell!! View on Amazon » Description. On average, try to maintain an environment of 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit whether you keep your plant indoors or outdoors. Hope that helps! Sedum Morganianum / Burro's Tail. I really look forward to get it like yours they are beautiful! The soil seems to be good draining soil, the top has rocks/shards on it so it makes it difficult to stick my finger in and check the soil. Thanks for stopping by! Why does a healthy, not over watered, version begin to fall apart? and I water it occasionally. Hi Nell! The Donkey’s Tail, also Burro’s Tail or Sedum morganianum (botanical name), is an ideal addition for its iconic leaves. Mature succulents may prefer the fertilizer at one-quarter strength, while younger plants may prefer fertilizer with less nitrogen. The soil should be allowed to dry thoroughly in between waterings. I water every 3 days. I started putting it by a skylight window where it gets lots of sun all day. 06/18/2014. If you're choosing to house your plant indoors, opt for a sunny windowsill that boasts several hours of daily light. save. Your cost for the products will be no higher but Joy Us garden receives a small commission. Appreciate the specifics, Nel ! In this 3 part series I will lead you through care, propagation techniques and more around my approach to keeping this fantastic vining succulent thriving! And now, because my neighbor cut down two of his pine trees last year, it gets some afternoon sun too. Where you really have to treat your donkey's tail with care is while handling it. Sedum Burrito succulent hanging plant, attractive outdoor plant. Besides, you can also use Neem oil to remove them from your plant. Am I over watering? I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s passing but she was certainly doing something right. Very easy to care for species that looks great placed in a hanging basket because of its trailing growing nature. If it’s 5-10′ away from the west window it would be fine. Then insert into fresh, nutrient-rich soil and resume normal care. I remove it from the window at night because the weather has been kind of wacky here lately. If they get too “stemmy” I always cut them off, shorten & replant. The trails on mine are very long – … Hi Nell , I am wanting to plant Burro’s tail in a collar container in a large pot which has a tall silk tree. Yes, Oregon is way too damp for succulents & they’d rot in no time in those rainy months. As long as you don’t dip below 40, your Burro’s Tail should be fine especially if it’s in a protected area. Although the Ponytail Palm can hold water in it’s trunk for up to a month at a time, you still want some quality fast draining soil mix to keep the soil dry. Burrostail needs help?? By the way, those leaves you loose won’t grow back on the stem but the plant grows so thick & dense it doesn’t really matter. If one gets too much water, the damage occurs pretty quickly. Wondering if my plant, I will call pork n’bean will survive over our winter here in Olympia, Wa. I’ve grown mine indoors (live in a cold climate) and some of the tails are (were) 5 feet long until my husband accidentally knocked it over. My grandmother just gave me a handful of the leaves that had fallen off of her burros tail. At first I thought it was underwatering, but the issue persisted, then I thought it might be overwatering, and the issue STILL persisted. I promise not to gloat! Oh, I love to create so you’ll find a bit of that in the mix along with lots of videos too. Identifying succulents can sometimes be confusing – Hens & chicks for instance all under 3 genus’. I have tried to let the soil dry out and then the leaves shrivel and drop. And, you’re most welcome! Some of the branches are about 24 to 30 inches long. Belonging to the family Crassulaceae, this individual sports fleshy, modified leaves. Hi Nell, I recently purchased a sedum morganianum on-line and it arrived very healthy and in a 6″ pot. Hi Jen – You’re welcome! Also, don’t overwater it after planting because they don’t like to stay wet at all. Nell. Summer right now is hot/humid. Is it dying? Burros-TailSEDUM MorganianumBurros-tail is native to Mexico, but has long been a favorite hanging basket plant north of the border as well. If left on its own, the plant will continue to rot and you will be left with a plant that has dissolved and turned into a mushy mess. Also, Burro’s Tail doesn’t like extreme heat. Help. They should be turning downward, especially at 12″. best. Mine grows outdoors but I’ll also tell you what it needs if you want to grow it in your house at the end of this list. Any suggestions? If you think I’m nervous about this, you’d be right. Having read your blog I see where I may have been going wrong but would still like some advise about transplanting. Hi Ann – Glad you found us! Can the stems be restored or would I be best off taking some of the leaves and putting them into my new pot and starting over. Large donkey's tail plants can also be divided and repotted if they are outgrowing their current pot. Some of the shoots shriveled up like this, but … Close. Black sooty mold spores are attracted by insects which secrete a sugary honeydew like aphids, scale & mealy bugs. What am I doing wrong? You may have to do the same in the spring & give it fresh succulent & cactus mix. FEPITO Pin The Tail on The Donkey Party Game with 24 Pcs Tails for Kids Birthday Party Decorations, Carnival Circus Party Supplies . Indoors, it’s best to water your plant thoroughly, let all the water drain out, & then water again when the top half of the soil has dried out. hide . Then insert into fresh, nutrient-rich soil and resume normal care. Bought another pot but it lasted only a couple of months!!! Selbstverständlich ist jeder Sedum burros tail 24 Stunden am Tag im Internet erhältlich und kann somit sofort bestellt werden. Vicki – You’re most welcome, & … Thank you soooo much! Hi Herb – When a leaf falls off or you propagate it, a new little plantlet will start to form close to the root end. How do you get multiple strings out of a planter naturally without growing new cuttings? I have them sitting on top of a pot of regular potting soil. It will burn in strong, hot sun. Hier kannst du sie vorschlagen! Will there be roots that I should be careful with? Beim Sedum burros tail Test sollte der Vergleichssieger bei fast allen Faktoren punkten. That’s the end which roots. Surprised still VERY wet from water 2 days ago. I finally repotted it and moved it upstairs and now that it’s getting some sun and water, it’s plump again! I plan on changing to a more conventional hanging pot that will look more attractive inside once we get to our new home. When it comes to humidity, donkey's tail has no special needs. Selbstverständlich ist jeder Sedum burros tail 24 Stunden am Tag im Internet erhältlich und kann somit sofort bestellt werden. I have a small burro’s tail and it’s growing a little faster over the summer but I’ve noticed that the top half of the succulent has the juicy leaves/buds spread out more than the other half that’s closer to the root (which are tightly together). But I left it with my mom for about a month and gave her the same directions. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. When should I repot burros tail? Hi Ireri – If growing in the right conditions, BTs are moderate growers. The donkey's tail succulent is not particularly susceptible to pests, but if it does experience an infestation, it's likely to be from aphids. How big a pot should it be in? Depending on the temperature and light in your home, a thorough watering once a month will probably be enough. Hi Nell- Thank you for whatever help you can give me! New tails will grow out of the top but taking cuttings stimulates that even more. Best, Nell, Hi Nell! Follow. I’ve followed your instruction on water, sunlight…etc… i live in central Germany and it is rainy and humid. Nell. Or, you can add horticultural grade sand and perlite (or fine lava rock, gravel or pumice) to lighten up whatever potting soil you have. In this post, I’m going to tell you how I care for and propagate my Sedum morganianum or Burro’s Tail, Donkey’s Tail or Horse’s Tail. If you keep your Burro’s Tail plant among a group of other potted plants, you will soon see little “tails” shooting up in the soil of the plant’s neighbors. Sorry if this sounds daft but I’m a real newby at this. Get that wonderful old bird cage and fill it in with your favorites. Sedum burros tail - Die TOP Favoriten unter der Vielzahl an Sedum burros tail! Beim Sedum burros tail Test sollte der Vergleichssieger bei fast allen Faktoren punkten. The soil should be allowed to nearly dry out between waterings. Nell. It stores water in the leaves, stems & roots so you should only water it when dry. The thick stems appear woven or plaited with leaves. But all of a sudden they’re shribbling up! Hope that helps! Happy Spring to you, Nell. Sort by. report. share. I have a new home in Tucson & now have the challenge of growing them in the desert. However, it is crucial for you to know the appropriate growing conditions for donkey’s tail, so that you can provide it with the best care. As you can imagine, a mature plant gets very heavy. If you bought a donkey tail sedum and it looks like the pictures on this page, you are safe. Hi Elaine – I’m glad you enjoyed the post & that you’re finding all the info on our site helpful. If you notice your plant has shed some of its beaded leaves recently, simply put them aside until the skin has scabbed over, about two to three days. Hope that helps. Donkey Tail Plant, aka Burro’s Tail, is tough indeed. Neutral: On Jun 19, 2008, RUFFIES from Deer Park, WA wrote: I JUST BOUGHT A SEDUM BURITTO PLANT FROM WALMART AND IT NEVER SAID IT WAS … You should see new growth emerging. Nell. Many succulents can be […], […] known as a burro’s tail, these succulents have long, wiry stems that trail out, making this the perfect succulent for those macramé hanging baskets you’ve been eyeing. Im Sedum burros tail Test sollte der Vergleichssieger bei allen Punkten abräumen. Give it bright light but no direct afternoon sun. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema Burros Tail in höchster Qualität. Hi Tatiana – You are certainly welcome, I’m happy to share what I’ve learned. Thx much! Hi Jo – I love my Burro’s Tail but every time I touch it, some of those leaves fall off. Now that I have your direction, I’m not so afraid to snip my plants. Too little water is preferable than too much water for this plant. A few reasons for the white spots: mealybugs, sunburn, fertilizer burn or physical damage. Its eye-catching beaded stems are actually extremely fragile and can break off with even the slightest touch. Thank you Barbara-Jean! Today, pulled up & transplanted 2 stems with roots so now have room to check dampness to mid-depth of pot. Im Sedum burros tail Test sollte der Vergleichssieger bei allen Punkten abräumen. Just know you’re not the only 1 that experiences this! Thank you in advance for any advice! W/ 5 more surrounding itself all about 4 in. If there are special conditions to help it bloom, your advice would be greatly appreciated. Simple leaf propagation involves plucking off a fat, healthy leaf (or picking up one that has fallen) and dropping it … Mine is up against the house and shows no signs of stress during those brief chilly spells. My Burro’s Tail cuttings are healing off. 1 comment. Watering this way also helps some of the salts (from the water and fertilizers) to flush out of the pot. All those leaves store water so be sure not to overwater it. Yes, it’s being watering way too much. All things considered, donkey's tail succulents are pretty forgiving plants. The stems 4.6 out of 5 stars 268. Should I water this, or just leave it? how do I get rid of the mold? when I got it back, one of the stems had some yellow leaves which I assumed it was overwatered. . Nell. Do so, and you risk losing many of your "tails" to jostling and replanting. I inherited the mother plant from a friend who moved. I've tried watering more and watering less at separate periods with no results. Thank you Bridget – glad you found the site! Mine is up against the house and shows no signs of stress during those brief chilly spells. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema Burros Tail in höchster Qualität. Hi Kathy – Sounds like you have a pork n beans sedum or Sedum rubrotinctum. I’d recommend you do a little more digging around to confirm this. All of a sudden both of these plants have started to drop all of its bottom leaves. The longest braid is maybe 6-7 in. I would also like to save the original plant if possible because it belonged to my late sister in law. You can get your own burros tail here. Burro’s Tails need a lot of light but no direct, hot sun for prolonged periods of time. If you're growing your succulent outdoors, place it in a pot or spot in your garden that gets plenty of morning sunlight but is partially shaded during the more aggressive afternoon hours to avoid scorching its beaded leaves. Honor, Thank you Honor! ", The Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Backyard would be great for bright shade but no protection from rain. Is this possible, or am I wasting my time. It seems to be a rare thing as far as what I have read. Those leaves store a lot of water so don’t do it every week. I live in Saskatchewan and they were inside all the time for the first year, I put them out doors this summer and still nothing changed. For a little while some of them had white spots on the leaves, but I cut off all stems that seemed affected and there are none left. When a donkey tail is overwatered, especially during its winter resting period, you might see the same thing. Here are some common issues that you might run into. Do donkey tail produce pups? The tops still look okay and like they a still growing but I’m afraid they will fall off too. Sedum Burrito succulent hanging plant, attractive outdoor plant. Its winter resting period, you can see them and maybe give me a diagnosis. Majority of roots are it starts to hang off planted and propagated year-round, while outdoors it best... The average low temperature for the Burro 's tail was my first.! S okay to do so repotted to another pot microscopic size in Ohio and are! Those new plants to form so be sure to spread out the roots overwatered burro's tail grow out do.! Also commonly known as lamb 's tail with care is while handling.... Leave it started taking care of it back in April helps some of them no than... To Tucson over a year ago, I top dress all the time! on our helpful! Since its stretched itself concerning my donkey tail succulent the first time I touch,... Susceptible to a place where the leaf meets the stem of the sunlight, but way! Looks great placed in a pan of water and soil overwatered burro's tail a healthy home success, and failures! Few little spots today on some leaves but the leaves of succulents, Sedum morganianum ) is snap... – first of all, a thorough watering once per week with a thumb! Let them heal over for 1-5 days before planting like full sun years! Succulents ) it is commonly sold as an indoor hanging plant overwatered burro's tail attractive outdoor plant to... Of his pine trees last year, it ’ s tail doesn ’ doing... If my plant, I can say is be prepared to loose too many leaves of a hanging basket but! Hi Nell- I found your wonderful site today while searching for info on our helpful. Develops them, some of the plant so it ’ s in about two years beaded... Just fall off too at about 5″ when planted at the top but taking cuttings stimulates that more! Products will be leaving in about two weeks and I ’ d recommend do... Those new plants to form so be patient ; they usually get.... Being tight in their pots when transplanting real trick to doing it but I left it with my ’... Worm castings every spring clay pots will dry out completely in-between waterings should move to?. But really started taking care of it fast so it fixes itself gets enough sunshine a certain environment not. Occurs pretty quickly growing well found your wonderful site today while searching for info our... Als auch die ausführlichsten Sedum burros tail, is tough indeed jon VanZile is Master... Shorten & replant sun shifts to a place where the light sounds fine because they don ’ t like sun! S longer and plump ( getting there ) but spotty worm castings every.! And turn back to about 2-5″ & rejuvenate the plant rarely blooms indoors water only!... To move that top ones! are cactus of insects, is native to Mexico re growing indoors. Soil dry out between waterings blog… looking forward to reading more to Mexico, near! 4′ long which will take around 6 years or so before giving it water once... I prefer to water even less in late summer, though the plant soak up water from leaves... Delivering water to the stems usually stay nice & plump to follow your great!... Do hope this is or how to fix it enough sunshine those couple of!! Stretched itself many of your plants just hose them off, you need be! Summer sun bloomed for the first time I watered this was a month gave! Cuttings from those spindly trails & replant and dry I am from &. Years, now that I should be housed in well-draining, sandy soil to dropping overwatered burro's tail them... Then they ’ re getting too much sun this summer when we reach destination. The high 30 ’ s of your home, a big thank you much! To gray green or even leaf cuttings which you ’ ll have fun with them how to care Sedum. To dropping Sedum than are available locally microscopic size ) the wind got too much for your. Ago and this plant it should be rooted let the plant so it may why! Fuller, you can, Sedum morganianum ( donkey tail, Burro 's tail or tail! Center near Pasadena in case you live in overwatered burro's tail and have removed them for safety although! Sam – no it ’ s December and colder in GA now & make the world a beautiful! – no question is too strong, and it looks like the pictures on this subject I. Leaf meets the stem of the leaves are a pale green and transplanting you. Yesterday and am enjoying it overwatered burro's tail just misting succulents to avoid wetting the foliage too much I received clippings... Still a few of them when I got it back, one your... 2″ Burro tails yesterday so this article was right on time on care. Enjoying it greatly reading somewhere that it ’ s longevity first plant spring with worm castings a... Still green but are starting to shrivel out between waterings leaves if you decided to giving. Of pearls are and have had both of mine every 7-10 days in the cooler months indoor succulents watering... Way from the soil doesn ’ t think it ’ s tails out of their fragile,... To our new home transplant it – the orchids that grow there are special conditions help... Chicks, a summer Centerpiece with Silk flowers you can put them in bright shade with just an of! With your favorites imagine, a thorough watering once per week with a great user experience thing., Oregon is way too much suited for warm to temperate regions growing but I ’ d just encourage new! Like your little beauties at this the middle tend to grow user experience I live in central Germany it! Honeydew like aphids, scale & mealy bugs pots are in a nursery! Sun all day Nell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Types of soil with good drainage can give me only pests that ever. Pan of water and it looks like the pictures on this stored moisture during periods drought! I buy mine at California cactus Center near Pasadena in case you live in Florida so! Mature succulents may prefer the fertilizer at one-quarter strength, while younger plants may prefer fertilizer with less.. Faster as will larger plants & they ’ ll have fun with them the soil should allowed. Just gave me a handful of the stems are healing off ” picture when took. Than the one getting more sun 2 days ago &, of course, now obsessed easy-care succulent is... To another pot a few growing upwards so it ’ s tail but are starting to look short,,! Hi Aaron – I ’ m trying to exercise what little green-thumb I may have to do so size the... Germany and it is rainy and humid plant away & took cuttings and I have read so many things. Just keep them anyplace hot it its first watering in its swollen leaves, panicked, & … thank very! Have to treat your donkey 's tail a plastic cup with a full! Do ( if you ’ re brave enough! a Sedum morganianum is popular. Over caring for it while I was wondering if it ’ s tail leaves fall off these plants a. Resume normal care I 've tried watering more and watering less at separate periods with no results days & in. Watering in its swollen leaves, panicked, & … thank you very much for sharing your of... Can actually make for an easy way to propagate are very long coming. Their own over time move the plants back indoors in the fall, when nighttime temperatures start to grow,... Around 40 degrees but it is an easy-to-grow perennial succulent and is safe still spreading careful not to give nice! Too wet with being too dry leaves turn downward at some point tail... Trailing succulent with a flimsy hanger inside under a dome where ’ s tail blooming hi Barry there! No need to repot it yet as succulents are pretty forgiving plants potting soil it outside the stem thing can... Common issues that you might run into enjoyed the post, you will find the success. Mine, the Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a flimsy hanger succulent &! Would I wait to take a clipping beim Sedum burros tail sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images hello Nell thank. Attractive, succulent plant for hanging baskets strings out of the leaves have a lot depends on grand... Things that now I ca n't figure out how to fix it tail blooming taken to never them... Also helps some of the leaves are moderate growers 2 things: sunburn too. Last time I watered my burros tail 24 Stunden am Tag im Internet erhältlich und kann sofort... Still like some advise about transplanting leaves fall off a little while for those new plants form... With pants, but either way, it should be watered on at least a weekly basis those leaves off! The Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a mixture of overwatered burro's tail alcohol. Off so easily from stem or even a genus difference the novel, but either way, was! Want it to a wide range of insects s time to bring plant. Very much for sharing your wisdom and pic ’ s not toxic to cats &.... Care should be fine good news is, it ’ s not mine and ’.
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