Share the best GIFs now >>> GIPHY is how you search, share, discover, and create GIFs. Disney Plus' latest episode of "The Mandalorian," titled "Sanctuary," brought about even more great tweets and memes. While Mando and Cara Dune make a plan, Baby Yoda does some upside-down peeking. After debuting in shocking fashion in the first episode of The Mandalorian season 1, Baby Yoda quickly grew to become a phenomenon, launching endless internet memes while kicking off a hugely lucrative merchandising campaign for Lucasfilm and Disney. “What is that, like a pet or something?” asks Space Bill Burr, a.k.a. Baby Yoda is understandably worried about this. Baby Yoda tired now. Baby Yoda used the Force to save the Mandalorian from the mean monster. What kind of messed up chowder is this? She probably also filed away a few ideas for a Baby Yoda hat crafting project. Chapter 4: “Sanctuary” Baby Yoda and Mando are officially on the run. As the Mandalorian went on his way to give Baby Yoda to mean old Werner Herzog, Baby Yoda looked around at all the interesting people. Log in or link your magazine subscription, Sorry to This Man Who Is Not Chris Pine in, Warner Bros. and Patty Jenkins Fast-Track Development on, Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins will return to give us more, “Few will ever match his skill and influence.”, Guy Branum Found the Magic of Hanukkah and Shared It With Bananamore’s, Soho House Billionaire Buys Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. You know you love me, right? Mando doesn’t grasp how this whole mystical force-field situation works, though, because the instant he gets it going, Mando sees a ship arriving on the horizon and tries to yank the baby right out of there. Since one of those is pretty generic, and the other is a booze made from fermented baby shrimp, I … You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. Report this GIF; Iframe Embed. Baby Yoda messing with the control panel of Mando’s spaceship. Dimensions: 414x480. Baby Yoda Soup GIF - BabyYoda Soup Tea - Discover & Share GIFs. Mando discovers there may be a fellow Mandalorian on Tatooine. Guerra De Las Galaxias Bebé Lilo & Stich Cosas Kawaii Fotos Gifs Mandaloriano Animales Bebé Cosas Friki Fandoms. Twitter users made quick work of the new fodder, creating a GIF to add to the internet's extensive library of images to accompany the words "sipping tea." Baby Yoda, berobed and enigmatically sipping broth, the … After so many adventures, it’s about time that someone put Baby Yoda into a structured school environment. Disney Plus watchers loved not only "Baby Yoda" sipping on his bone broth, but scenes between the bounty hunter and a village widow. With the lizard eggs off the table, Baby Yoda wanders off in search of other food. Baby Yoda (aka Grogu aka The Child) is a growing 50-year-old boy, and his little green tummy needs lots of yummies in order to become a big and strong Sith Lord, or, er, Jedi. Sadly, Grogu drains all his powers trying to mess up those Stormtroopers. But Baby Yoda is still secretly eating her eggs! Boba Daddy says we have to go somewhere else, so I guess we’re off to Dagobah now!”. See more ideas about Yoda, Mandalorian, Star wars baby. But fear not: Everyone makes it out all right. Star Wars Baby Sticker by … Like everyone else with a pulse (including bounty hunter Mando), we immediately fell in love with the bone broth-sipping, frog-eating and cooing little creature, vowing to protect Baby Yoda … Baby Yoda likes his new, simpler crib well enough, but is also wondering why this one doesn’t float and if it’s possible to exchange it for a floating one at Buy Buy Baby Yoda. It is, in all honesty, cute AF. The trooper’s response is to punch — punch! Baby Yoda is going to call his agent and see if he can get a part in a Fast & Furious movie during Mandalorian’s hiatus. She, like the rest of us, has grown to love him so. It’s about you! “Bye, everybody! Bone broth is … It’s been a tiring time for Baby Yoda over the last few days, which means that Baby Yoda has also gotten very hungry recently. Though he is technically 50 years old, Baby Yoda (or “The Child,” as he’s officially referred to on... 1 result. Unfortunately, Baby Yoda also ignores the instructions to please keep the red and blue wires separate. Amy Sedaris in a Curly Space Wig Also Known as Peli was very happy to see that Baby Yoda was okay, she cradled him happily. It was hard work, and it made him very, very tired. The stormtroopers capture Baby Yoda. Top Searches Holiday Gifts. She’s worried about the possibility of Grogu going Darth, so after Mando goes and helps out on a little mission, she suggests Grogu stop by a Jedi temple on Tython and choose his own path. This meant hanging out with a bunch of skeezy characters and hiding Baby Yoda in his ship. There’s graffiti on the wall; everything seems very dank and unpleasant. However, in … Once Mando’s mission goes awry, he speeds back and picks up Baby Yoda from school. It’s very dangerous to screw around with a spaceship and we really do not recommend it! Who knows, but we’re verklempt! November 2019. Inside he’s saying: “I am not your cute little on-demand sorcerer, Carl Weathers. Mixologist Stanley Tucci Returns to Your Home With a Christmas Cosmo Recipe, “No pomegranates were harmed in the making of this cocktail.”, The five-track project is a follow-up to 2019’s, Let Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Zazz Up Your Holidays With an Original Song, Baby Yoda Loves Robert Rodriguez’s Acoustic Freestyle. The perfect BabyYoda Soup Tea Animated GIF for your conversation. Yoda Gif Yoda Meme Jedi Lightsaber Tea Wallpaper Geek Quotes Disney Star Wars Mandalorian E Cards Clone Wars. Fortunately, the Child is about to be rescued. The Mandalorian took Baby Yoda back to his ship. Share the best GIFs now >>> Obviously, the bone broth on Sorgan is a lot less elaborate than the stuff made by Babish on YouTube, but Baby Yoda didn’t seem to mind the simplicity of his soup as he was definitely enjoying it (and the internet indeed has enjoyed using the resulting Baby Yoda soup meme). And another blue fish. But while Mando’s trying to face down the stormtroopers in town, Baby Yoda and the nice man taking care of him get attacked! What a good dad! There’s the Black Series high-quality collectible, which comes with – get this – a small bone broth cup, ball toy, and Sorgan frog. Why won’t you just let me? Fans not only obsessed over the image of "Baby Yoda" sipping on his bone broth, but loved scenes between the Mandalorian and a village widow named Omera.. Before we get to the tweets, let's first address the term "Baby Yoda." How did this wee munchkin end up in a floating crib? GIF by toyfantv. When Mando meets up again with Cara Dune and Greef Karga for a mission, he drops Baby Yoda off at their new classroom, where the baby gets a li’l desk and tablet. He scanned Baby Yoda to make sure the Mandalorian caught the right baby. Baby Yoda Collagen GIF by mynaturalforce. This is a sign of his immense potential but also, according to Ahsoka, a sign that he has too strong a connection with Mando and may be ruled by his emotions. Search, discover and share your favorite Bone Broth GIFs. Dec 12, 2019 - See more 'Baby Yoda' images on Know Your Meme! Eating scenes have of course been a big source of such memes over the course of 2 seasons, as in season 1 when Baby Yoda ate a frog whole and in another scene pensively sipped on bone broth while Din Djarin and Cara Dune fought each other. Unfortunately, when Mando is off on his whole action mission, we learn that the evil man Giancarlo Esposito is trying to hunt Baby Yoda just for those Force skills. *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. Back on the road in Tatooine, Mando and Baby Yoda quickly fall prey to some Jawa-like creatures who threaten Baby Yoda with a knife (very scary!) Bye! See the video in the space below: In The Mandalorian, the Sorgan innkeeper who makes bone broth for Baby Yoda uses the … GIF by toyfantv. Some people really enjoy some frog legs, but more people should take a page from baby Yoda and enjoy some bone broth. Is he a member of Yoda’s species? Baby Yoda is learning survival skills very quickly. Heading back to Tatooine means one very important thing: a loving reunion with mechanic Amy Sedaris! Baby Yoda messing with the control panel of Mando’s spaceship. The Mandalorian had to head off with Baby Yoda, but he did at least have money to pay Amy Sedaris in a Curly Space Wig Also Known as Peli for her hard work and Baby Yoda care. Follow. Get that baby a little wet wipe! Can The Mandalorian go on without Baby Yoda, and more importantly, Baby Yoda GIFs? Baby Yoda had not met a friend! “All I Want for Christmas Is You” reportedly broke Spotify’s single-day streaming record. Baby Yoda, what do you think they’re talking about? She grabs Baby Yoda with a very relatable level of speed and enthusiasm. Sort: Relevant Newest. Baby Yoda has to tag along at the restaurant while Mando recruits Cara Dune, the nice lady and former rebel fighter who helped them out in episode four. I know they say that no one can eat 50 eggs, but Cool Hand Luke could and I could too. Good thing Mando and Boba Fett and Fennec Shand teamed up in this episode so they can save him! It’s already Mandalorian finale time and as that final episode begins, things are looking not so hot for Baby Yoda. It didn’t work. After the harrowing events of last week’s episode, Baby Yoda helps Mando fix his ship. Share Advanced. Baby Yoda had to say good-bye to a new friend, as he sped away from Tatooine. As we’ve gotten to know him better this season, we’ve learned that Baby Yoda is primarily a big fan of food, even when it means eating the eggs of a nice frog woman, and that his emotional connection with Mando might be a bad thing for his future, Jedi-wise. The ship was broken, but Baby Yoda was still happy to be there. The Mandalorian knocked on the door to Werner Herzog’s hideout, and Baby Yoda started to feel nervous. Off they go! Thank you, IG-11. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Baby Yoda animated GIFs to your conversations. When we left off, Mando and Baby Yoda were off on an adventure to parts unknown to find others of Baby Yoda’s kind, with the creepy Moff Gideon trailing behind them. And another blue fish.”. Nothing is easier to relate to after the Thanksgiving holiday. Not sure what you thought was gonna happen when you stuck your face into the magic blue glowing field, buddy, but guess what? Discover & share this toyfantv GIF with everyone you know. Baby Yoda attempting to eat a space frog on The Mandalorian. Bone brof not that gud. We can only hope. I then upload it to giphy, which makes it a gif that loops by default. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. We don’t know what this thing is, but it looks like an extra-scary space Cheshire Cat and it’s freaking out Baby Yoda, so we hate it. Or you can search it on giphy, I posted it there with tags "baby yoda" and "bone broth". Size: 1481.1572265625KB. Baby Yoda marveled at his own power, not yet realizing that it was Daddy Mandalorian who had snuck up and shot Zero in the nick of time. Discover (and save!) Memes De Yoda Ranas Animales Guerra De Las Galaxias Bebé Tortugas Tiernas Cosas Bonitas Pelis … Mando’s first choice as a newly dedicated single parent is to take Baby Yoda to a fight club! 482. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Baby Yoda Soup animated GIFs to your conversations. 💚 Pelis nom noms has bones in it. The Mandalorian decides he needs to get the gang back together in order to fight Werner Herzog. What Baby Yoda looks like when your brain is on druuuugs. “I see this fire and I, Baby Yoda, am going to stop it.”, “Look at me, using the Force to stop fire like I’m in a Star Wars version of Backdraft.”, “Stopped the fire I did! Share the best GIFs now >>> Is Mando getting enough protein for the child’s development? Baby Yoda prepared to use the Force to save himself, and Zero exploded! But what we do know, with absolute certainty, is that Baby Yoda is so cute. Baby Yoda was right to be suspicious! Already a subscriber? Mando decides to send Baby Yoda back to his ship so he won’t get hurt during the big battle. The Baby Yoda stuffed animal isn’t available yet, but if you’re like me and can’t wait to have your own Baby Yoda with bone broth cup, check out the link below so you can get on the preorder list. Moff Gideon, a.k.a. Baby Yoda is potentially a very valuable captive that Toro intends to use to get his way into the Guild, but Baby Yoda does not appreciate being treated this way. Baby Yoda raising a tiny hand to summon the Force. While camping out on the night before the big battle to take out Werner Herzog, Mando and his ragtag crew get attacked by some flying bird monsters, and Carl Weathers gets hurt. Two people miserably entering into a marriage based on half-truths and crushed dreams? Unfortunately, this is a serious expedition, so Mando confiscates the shiny ball. [Editor’s note: We know, this is technically not a Baby Yoda part of The Mandalorian, but how could we resist such a concise summation of this entire post?]. ... Endlessly sipping bone broth | /r/BabyYoda | Baby Yoda. Sip bone broth and look at Baby Yoda sipping bone broth in the fourth episode. Mando and Timothy Olyphant, Salt-and-Pepper Marshall of Tatooine, make friends with some Raiders who are also interested in dispatching the krayt dragon. (The character’s real name is Cobb Vanth, but let’s be real.) There is one and only one image of Baby Yoda that no one ever wants to see and it’s this: Baby Yoda in the crosshairs. Share the best GIFs now >>> One fish, two fish, red fish … no, make that blue fish. Spoilers ahead for season two of The Mandalorian. starwars, baby yoda, collagen, babyyoda, anti aging # starwars # baby yoda # collagen # babyyoda # anti aging. The perfect BabyYoda Yoda Sipping Animated GIF for your conversation. Meditation force-field thingy! Now Baby Yoda’s the egg that’s getting eaten! JS Embed. Guess they don’t train baby-handling skills in Imperial sharpshooter school. Share the best GIFs now >>> No, stop that! The new Disney+ show The Mandalorian has been a huge success for the new streaming service, judging only by the memes. All rights reserved. Search, discover and share your favorite Bonebroth GIFs. Baby Yoda Soup GIF - BabyYoda Soup Tea - Discover & Share GIFs. Sleep well, Baby Yoda! It doesn’t seem like the rock does all that much, but then, whabam! After the Mandalorian got hurt in the fight, Baby Yoda felt bad and tried to make him feel better with the Force. Can we call Intergalactic Child Protective Services on them, is that a thing?”. Baby Yoda slurping his soup became an instant meme and gif online Credit: Disney. baby-yoda-cupcake-farts. Twitter users made quick work of the new fodder, creating a GIF to add to the internet's extensive library of images to accompany the words "sipping tea." The Emperor was not about work-life balance. Sign me up! Amy Sedaris in a Curly Space Wig Also Known as Peli gently fondled Baby Yoda’s ears, and decided she would take care of Baby Yoda, and also find a way to charge the Mandalorian for child care. The episode is almost over, save for the reveal that Moff Gideon is so not dead. Mando has also picked up one moderately responsible fighting skill: He kicks Baby Yoda’s closed-up pod away from the fray once the battle starts going. Is he actually Baby Yoda? Dec 12, 2019 - See more 'Baby Yoda' images on Know Your Meme! We should probably be concerned about Grogu being tempted by the Dark Side or what have you, but when he tosses around these Stormtroopers like rag dolls it’s hard not to shout, YEAHHHH BABY YODA, FUCK ’EM UP! Break out your historical romance bingo cards, this episode has it all. Oh, Mando. Basically the second Mando leaves to go defend him, the trance ends, and l’il Grogu collapses in exhaustion. Aaaand scene. Peli foodz is best. The ante was definitely upped in terms of Baby Yoda’s season 2 diet, as the little green alien was seen munching on blue cookies – and of … Baby Yoda had to take a long nap after his adventure. Jamie Dornan’s Children Hate His Singing More Than You Hate Anything, All You Wanted for Christmas Is to Stream Mariah. How did she end up in space? bone broth heals sipping my broth anti aging baby yoda mynaturalforce naturalforce collagen babyyoda starwars bonebroth. random gifs. (For the sake of Disney not getting mad at us, we hereby acknowledge that the Child Grogu is not actually a young version of Yoda — the timeline doesn’t work out for that — but he is a 50-year-old, and therefore quite infantile, member of the general Yoda species.) Baby Yoda is seen eating his first hot meal — a cup of bone broth — and a … It is, in all honesty, cute AF. Yoda kids: They never listen! Moff Gideon tries to play some mind games with Mando, but Mando’s mostly focused on protecting Baby Yoda, so it doesn’t go all that well for him. There are lots of things we still don’t know about this li’l creature. The Jedi has a green lightsaber and a CGI face, which of course means that he has to be a young Luke Skywalker. Explore and share the best Baby Yoda GIFs and most popular animated GIFs here on GIPHY. Baby Yoda was pretty confused, but Amy Sedaris was even more confused. The most cursed real-estate transaction since Katy Perry and the nuns. This moment became one of the top Baby Yoda gifs and memes after he ignored Mando's instructions to stay inside and went off in search of the bounty hunter. First, she has Baby Yoda play Force-catch with a little pebble, which doesn’t go very well because Baby Yoda isn’t interested in sending the pebble back. The perfect BabyYoda Soup Tea Animated GIF for your conversation. The Mandalorian gave Baby Yoda to mean Werner Herzog, and Baby Yoda felt so sad to be sent away! Baby Yoda waves cutely. bone broth 1763 GIFs. It is very, very stressful. After a long day of violence and scheming, Daddy Mandalorian rescued Baby Yoda from all the skeezes, jumped into hyperspace, and gave Baby Yoda back a favorite toy, the little silver ball that attaches a lever. Luckily, the Mandalorian fired his big space lasers and destroyed the enemy, even if the ship took a lot of damage and had to go down to Tatooine. ... yoda baby yoda soup mandalorian disney plus babyyoda disneyplus bone broth. After waking up, Baby Yoda wanted to play with the levers in the Mandalorian’s ship. This seems unwise, and Baby Yoda is quite concerned about the general vibe on the way in. Anyway, there’s a creepy man watching them from the distance as the episode ends. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Break out your historical romance bingo cards, this episode has it all. Good call hiding inside the big pot, Baby Yoda! He found the target hidden in a small, floating ball. It’s very stressful for Baby Yoda, especially when they attack from above. It is not to my liking, so I will spit it out and delight these children who are watching me, as well as all children everywhere.”, “Oh! *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. Back en route to their destination in space, Baby Yoda and the amphibian woman make a bit of peace. Baby Yoda, berobed and enigmatically sipping broth, the … See more ideas about yoda, yoda wallpaper, mandalorian. Trending. We know you’re a bounty hunter and you’re almost certainly about to betray Mando, but it would behoove you to be extremely cautious with the baby. The most cursed real-estate transaction since Katy Perry and the nuns. Star Wars The Child Talking Plush Toy with Character Sounds and Accessories; I can’t wait until the next season of the Mandalorian to see his adventures with Baby Yoda again. Once the naming is done, Ahsoka moves on to some training. But the Mandalorian told Baby Yoda that his ship was not a toy. November 2019. Baby Yoda, do you need a hat? Mmm, tasty! More information... People also love these ideas. As IG self-destructs to save Mando and Team Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda looks on adorably. Mayfeld, who happens to be a former Imperial sharpshooter, as Baby Yoda coos softly, offering some cutting insights into Burr’s latest comedy special. Let's Eat Cake has a sugar cookie recipe with a creative shape fix using Christmas cookie cutters — just chop the head off the angel cookies. Like Pringles, you can’t just eat one, even if doing so is pretty wrong. One very risky aspect of being a baby with the Force is that you may misinterpret moments of danger. Mando also recruits the nice man from episode two to help take care of Baby Yoda, but Baby Yoda is not sure how he feels about people assessing his growth curve. It’s very scary when adults fight! Jamie Dornan’s Children Hate His Singing More Than You Hate Anything, All You Wanted for Christmas Is to Stream Mariah. But drink anyways. Baby Yoda is alerted to this fact by a dramatic earthquake. But when he opened the ball …. But then! A suspicious amount of this story ends up back on Tatooine.) I’m Baby Yoda. Be safe! Sign me up! Baby Yoda, why are you messing with Mando’s ship! YouTube chef Binging With Babish took on the task of recreating the simple bone broth Baby Yoda was seen casually sipping - in a very meme-worthy moment - in episode 4 while Mando (Pedro Pascal) and Cara Dune (Gina Carano) battled it out for Alpha status. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. foodbabyny. I told you, I wanted eggs! 1. See more ideas about yoda, yoda wallpaper, mandalorian. What we’ve seen so far of baby Yoda’s diet doesn’t seem too varied -- frogs and bone broth. Under orders from Moff Gideon, a band of Darktroopers zip down and steal the baby. We know a job is a job, but killing droids, bounty hunters, and Mudhorns in front of your green, elf-eared baby Yoda should be … 5 notes. Baby Yoda was happily sitting around on the Mandalorian’s ship when they got attacked. After Baby Yoda woke up on the ship, he wandered down its gangway, and discovered … Amy Sedaris! What if frogs are friends, not food? On his serious mission, Mando meets a new friend, Ahsoka Tano, played by Rosario Dawson, the first Jedi canonically able to sing “Out Tonight” from Rent. Article by Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff. “Thanks for saving me, Nurse Droid. In the exciting endgame of the battle, Mando grabs a bantha covered in explosives and lets the dragon swallow them all up! Season 2 of The Mandalorian is almost upon us, meaning it’s time to get reacquainted with everyone’s favourite Yoda-lite toddler ‘The Child‘ ­â€“ because if ever we needed a being to bring balance to The Force, it’s right now. What we’ve seen so far of baby Yoda’s diet doesn’t seem too varied -- frogs and bone broth. Baby Yoda Sipping Bone Broth on the Mandalorian. “This frog? Baby Yoda and Amy Sedaris in a Curly Space Wig Also Known as Peli met a young aspiring Bounty Guild member named Toro. If you’re like many people, you’re probably more than OK with images of The Child sipping bone broth taking over your social media feed. This means he also disrupts Baby Yoda’s tender macaron digestive process with some evasive maneuvers. Will Mando learn better child-rearing skills this time around? © 2020 Vox Media, LLC. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Baby Yoda Soup animated GIFs to your conversations. Luckily, the amphibian woman saves Baby Yoda at the last minute with a blaster, which feels unmerited considering how many of her eggs Baby Yoda has eaten. But then, as it turns out, there was a Jedi who answered Baby Yoda’s call through that beacon a few episodes earlier, and Baby Yoda senses him through the TV as he hacks his way through the Dark Troopers on Moff Gideon’s ship. Yeah, you do.”. The Mandalorian was surprised to find a baby, but he still had to take Baby Yoda back to his ship. Dimensions: 480x270. May 27, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Jordan ♚. Free gift giving. We’re talking, of course, about the small, green, sleepy, broth-loving creature known officially as the Child — and then, once Mando had a fateful encounter with the Jedi Ahsoka Tano, as “Grogu” — but unofficially by the much better name Baby Yoda. Moff Gideon puts shackles on him, and then gives the order to send him away as a donor. Baby Yoda definitely likes going fast. In a wig! Onto the next adventure! Mando steps in with the shiny ball, and suddenly Grogu is a lot more interested in playing. Mando is so very sad about this that he even takes off his helmet to say good-bye. Despite the conflict, Baby Yoda settles in and plays with the children on the planet, and is seen peacefully sucking on frogs and drinking soup. the Child, now officially known as Grogu, in Disney+’s ‘The Mandalorian’ season two and a running recap of everything Baby Yoda … Baby Yoda sees the Nurse Droid, or IG-11, coming and knows his luck is about to change. Luke and Baby Yoda, and Baby Yoda’s new Baby Yoda–size friend R2D2, head off on their own adventure, potentially leaving Mando behind for a long time. We hope to visit you again soon! Then Zero grabbed a rifle! Baby Yoda got very worried. But we did get to look at this handsome face, and that’s something, right? It’s the internet’s new favorite image: Baby Yoda just sippin’ on some bone broth and watching an awesome fight between Mando and Gina Carano’s Cara Dune. I’ve become quite the Star Wars fan after I was married and had our son. This moment became one of the top Baby Yoda gifs and memes after he ignored Mando's instructions to stay inside and went off in search of the bounty hunter. Weeeeeee! The first season of The Mandalorian introduced a compelling, powerful new hero into the Star Wars universe. This turns out to be an ice spider egg! Pic credit: Disney+ Baby Yoda has the munchies. Oh nooooooo! Question after question after question. After Mando manages to blow up Moff Gideon’s TIE fighter, Baby Yoda looks at his Boba Daddy like he’s his hero. With Baby Yoda being kidnapped and all, he was woefully absent from this week’s episode. It’s very scary, honestly! Bone broth is made from animal bones and is highly nutritious. The Mandalorian was supposed to forget about Baby Yoda, but he decided he couldn’t let Werner Herzog hurt his li’l buddy. Baby Yoda Bone Broth. It’s the internet’s new favorite image: Baby Yoda just sippin’ on some bone broth and watching an awesome fight between Mando and Gina Carano’s Cara Dune. Thank you for your service. Things go badly, of course — the plan to explode it from below doesn’t work, many Raiders die, and Salt-and-Pepper Marshall gets quite worried about how this is all going. Who could resist those big old eyes, and those soft, soft ears? In a few short days, this has already superseded every “munching on popcorn” GIF on Twitter as the de facto way to illustrate the act of hanging back and watching major shit go down. Then look at memes of Baby Yoda … It’s frustrating to be a curious Baby Yoda stuck in his crib! One day, a bounty hunter named the Mandalorian took a job to find a mysterious target. And again, Baby Yoda drinking bone broth is the best part of the scene. Tap to play or pause GIF Disney+ Alright, Mando. Mando and Cara Dune are mid-fight when they are interrupted by a loud slurp and look up to see Baby Yoda drinking his bone broth while sporting an innocent look on his face. (Rude!). All the best GIFs of Baby Yoda, a.k.a. Turns out, Mos Pelgos is not just home to Timothy Olyphant, Salt-and-Pepper Marshall of Tatooine.

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