It will get even worse when EU regulations come into effect,” one source said. In fact, the situation for female directors appears to be getting even worse. Italy fares even worse, with an average guess of 30 percent against a real figure of only seven percent. The expression "or worse" is used to suggest that there is another possible result that is even "less good" (or "more bad") than the bad result already mentioned. And the reality was far worse than my gloomiest anticipations had pictured. For example, The food was worse than the service. But it’s even worse when it’s during the holidays — usually the most wonderful time of the year for gadget makers. And even worse: if they do speak out, they may still not get the help they need. Even worsethan simply not knowing one's own culture is, to use a Kikuyu proverb, when one does not know that one does not know. even worse, the President’s habit of ignoring the law as written hurts our economy and jobs even more. The favourableness indicators to Russia is even worse than on the US in any region of the world. If worse comes to worse definition is - if the worst possible thing happens. But I've been in a worse fix. And a bad economy can make the day-in, day-out pressures of running a business even worse. The weather was getting worse and worse. The lack of passion from the characters just made it even worse. even worse, he says, is what he and other pensioners see as a threat by APS. Neubauer’s case could make things even worse for OSI. And the consequence to a country might be even worse than not having had a travel ban.”. Surely the correct sentence is the latter, “It is even worse.” You see, the adverb even is used here to (a). That can lead to something even worse, according to Dr. Greg German, a medical microbiologist with Health PEI. The workers are even worse off in many ways than fast food workers. On her return from Ireland mother Mary Joseph found the situation even worse than when she had left. We’re back to the days of Mubarak, or even worse, several told me. How to use if worse comes to worse in a sentence. Updated 1:27 PM … Find more ways to say envenom, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. It is in fact used in the sense “one step ahead”; one step ahead of what? And yes, hypocrisy is bad; denial even worse. Sentence examples for what was even worse from inspiring English sources. But even worse, he said, is seeing the heartbreak of the relatives and friends of the victims who perished in the crash. If he fails to stop Juncker, the outlook for Cameron is even worse. Use worst comes worst or worse comes to worse. My results were bad, but his were even worse. Donald Trump's commutation of Roger Stone's sentence is even worse than it looks. even worse for the Bears’ defense was their inability to stop the Seahawks on third down. By the time they get to director level, the balance is even worse. "even when i close my eyes" in a sentence, The labor picture at WestPoint Stevens Inc . An even worse year followed in 1999, when stress fractures in his foot kept him to only two games. As regards the gas field, the situation may be even worse there. to make a comparison. Every policy she is pursuing will make income inequality worse, not better, crony capitalism even worse, not better. Why would a storyteller be tempted to make an inhumane situation sound even worse than reality? - Seeing Stars by Diane Hammond It was bad enough to be poor alone, but how much worse to drag a child along with you. Doing it to a 17-year-old would be even worse,” he said. Synonyms Antonyms Definitions Examples Part of speech. March 7, 2018 Read latest breaking news, updates, and headlines. They were even worse Jan. 11 in their first meeting against Illinois State with a season-high 19 turnovers. The drought makes that situation even worse. The effects are described by Zosimus as even worse than the earlier plague. A mannerism of this kind, bad in speech, is even worse in writing. – The play looked embarrassing, the replay even worse. If they are bad to me than I have to be even worse to them. It was even worse than that. Another word for envenom. Permalink Flag Tim Hardin 17 hours ago Chandler it’s even worse…. The flip side of the coin, however, is even worse. They say the country will come up seven percent short, but critics say it could be even worse. Even worse was that feeling of being an ant running aimlessly on top of a burning hot pot. even worse, gray squirrels have pushed red squirrels to the brink of extinction. even worse in Byrd’s eyes was the dilemma of the state itself, which was also heavily in debt during Byrd’s youth. the road to hell is paved with good intentions phrase. “Thank God there was somebody here to stop me because I would have whooped your ass even worse than that,” the man says. Even worse is “he gave his daughter everything from a bicycle to lawn darts to a teddy bear.” A range can’t have more than two extremes. But here now it’s the same, or even worse. even worse, one person was actually killed in a soccer riot in Spain last November, as reported by the Post. But what Wright did not know was even worse than that. getting worse in a sentence. Unfortunately, they are finding little to look at and, even worse, they are finding higher prices than they expected. adjectives ... "A bad peace is even worse than war." Mixed-handed kids performed even worse than lefties. Its even worse when its the civilians in the gaza strip being targeted. The second period started even worse for the Hawks, who didn’t put a shot on net for the first nine minutes. even worse, the Mariners lost two of those games. A lot of teachers expect the situation to worsen over the next few years. Will the situation for homosexuals in Egypt get even worse perhaps? what was even better. a comparative term meaning more difficult or unpleasant than before Examples of Worse in a sentence Soda is much worse for your health than water or healthy juices. Then two weeks later she called with even worse news. to make someone feel even worse than they do, especially by scoring more points against them in a sport. (= more serious or severe) to make things worse aggraver les choses. 2. The problem is even worse in higher dimensions. High quality example sentences with “make the situation even worse” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Further dispute would worsen your relations. Answer. A more recent Quinnipiac Poll in three key swing states found Clinton’s favorability ratings to be even worse. is, The reality is the injury actually could have been, A Daily News investigation shows that the situation gets, Having it abandon you on the tennis court is, The influx of refugees makes an already bad situation, The omitted data would have made the situation look, Workers there are expecting Hurricane Floyd to make matters, The political reaction to a worsening economy could be, And sanctions are certain to make a sluggish economy, Rabin vetoed tough measures for fear of igniting. even worse it is organized in such a way as to cheat the laws. These headphones are worse than my old ones. Now they’re in an even worse situation if they are to be in the water right now,” he said. : Although he was only in hospital for six days, the outcome could have been much worse. You can go to jail for having your own view here, or even worse, criticising government policy. Seattle Times news services KANSAS CITY, Mo. And maybe in some ways today is even worse. worse examples - worse in a sentence - 87. Once the Fed does raise rates, it’s going to get even worse for gold, Sanchez said. Example sentences with the word worst. In other tribes, women were of low status or even worse. He is also easily beaten by Ben, normally even worse than the others. Worse is what is known as a comparative adjective. Democrats are doing even worse than the GOP when it comes to enthusiasm. 12 August 2020, 10:15 UTC. A closer look makes this year’s measles outbreak look even worse. what was even more. Interfering now could worsen the problem. even worse, they applaud unity with terror groups like Hamas, which calls for the destruction of Israel, he said. Some, like Brostoff, believe the coming months will be even worse. lay emphasis and (b.) Worsen in a sentence. Matters are even worse on the O-line with starting Ts Eugene Monroe and Michael Oher also poised to hit the market. worst example sentences. even worse encore pire. 2. It’s even worse when a child is put through it. READ MORE Juiciest Bits From Bob Gates “Had they done that in Europe, the audience would have got even worse.”. The worse list of example sentences with worse. Copyright © 2020 — Primer WordPress theme by. As a former Congressional candidate, I’m here to tell you that it’s even worse than you think. MUST WATCH Greece unemployment gets even worse. 3. But I anticipate it’s going to get even worse.”. even worse, no one from either side of the political aisle stands out as a leader who understands real fiscal policy. He will look to exploit a Giants secondary that figures to be even worse than it was last season. By Astrid Valencia & Josefina Salomón. Find more ways to say worse, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. And it's going to get even worse. My cough is getting worse. She would have been willing to come home or something even worse. Oh, even worse than that sometimes “He gave his daughter everything from paper dolls to a Cadillac” conveys the notion of a spectrum from very cheap to very expensive, and is fine. My eyesight is getting worse. 1. : It is actually much worse than an opinion poll because, unlike a well designed survey, its result is biased. is even worse. An expansionist Iran with new resources and legitimacy might make the Middle East’s present deterioration even worse. The scale is so big now and I think it will get even worse than it is today.”. Of being bad. Now US researchers claim to have shown in a study that carbohydrates are even worse. Tomorrow, unless the ACA is ultimately scrapped and replaced, the rule of law is certain to suffer an even worse fate. How to use even worse in a sentence. Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large. That is a kind interpretation: the bald statistics indicate something even worse. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The even worse list of example sentences with even worse. The problems of polluted soil and water are less visible but possibly even worse. even worse, used by comedians to “push boundaries”. It gets even worse on a plane, when regular breaks are dependent on seat mates and turbulence. even worse, it has been sold to the paranoid and sadistic Baron Ryoval whom Miles has recently offended. even worse, the company warned that futures sales may be more born to be reviled than wild. Lists. It's an ugly mess, and liable to be worse before it's cleaned up. Tokyo's air pollution problem is even worse than that of New York. even worse for Merkel, she now faces a growing number of opponents within the EU. Coronavirus is making it even worse. Banks and credit card companies are even worse for their excess charges. Someone moving to Oxford will fare even worse, ending up more than £2,000 a year worse off. And an expected foot of snow in the evening and early Tuesday could make things even worse Tuesday. even worse, he says, is what he and other pensioners see as a threat by APS. Examples of worse in a Sentence Adjective His schoolwork got worse after his parents split up. Sales were even worse in 2015, declining 16% for the first half of the year. Liu said the fact this year’s Pan Am Games are being held in their home country made the situation even worse. C’était encore pire que ça. –New York Times Oven baked kibble also tends to stick to the dog's teeth a lot worsethan extruded dry food. Let's start with the word worse, which is the opposite of better. She claimed it was even worse than going to the city pound. And the figures for this year look even worse. But if the president’s numbers are bad, Congress’ are even worse. what was even louder. City Leaders said the warm temperatures have been making the wastewater smell even worse. And it's even worse when you go slowly in a town. I'm always just skiving off. The results at receiver and tight end are even worse. Quote by Thucydides previous. even worse, her fully charged phone died in the cold, snowy weather, “It went 80 per cent, red line, beep beep done. The statistics for a fully autonomous drone will therefore likely be even worse. Examples of Ramification in a sentence Jason was shocked when he learned the ramification of his cheating was immediate expulsion from the university. The pain is getting worse. The trade created a situation that had the potential of making an already bad attendance situation in Chicago even worse. National Post offers information on latest national and international events & more. Despite performing even worse in his second test, Patty grants Otto his license anyway, allowing him to regain his job. The economic recession has continued to worsen. (= less good) pire. If he felt he was above the law, that’s even worse,” said François Limoges, Projet Montréal councillor. 4. In non-linear models the bias is likely to be even worse. even worse is how Monkey Kingdom refuses to let viewers concoct their own stories about their primate cousins. Then hitting it out of the rough a few times is just going to make the strain on the back even worse. My vision is getting worse these days. The Post saying the kids are “fair game” is even worse. A stupid woman with a sense of grievance is worse than an unchained devil. used for saying that people often make a situation much worse when they intended to make it better. I'm not sleeping. A deeper investigation by the new board found even worse problems. 1. Some might say something I consider even worse: It is inexcusable that some go hungry while you have so much. But the attitude that says “We own you” is even worse. The pain in my back is getting worse. Her second book was worse than her first one. Things would get even worse on her second cruise, which ended with an explosion in the engine room. exact ( 8 ) What was even worse, though, were some of my co-workers. even worse, it has been sold to the paranoid and sadistic Baron Ryoval whom Miles has recently offended. even worse, the excess fat spills out into your blood stream, increasing your risk of heart disease and strokes. Even - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary However, Huang Hou returns to her menacing ways in HZGG 2, with even worse plots to make the princesses miserable. even worse in a sentence Even worse jobless figures were expected from the government later Tuesday. And for Ann Degenshein, who has to deal with the extensive repairs ahead, is grateful it is not even worse. The labor picture at WestPoint Stevens Inc . If the army and navy are in poor condition, the air force is possibly in worsestate. We thought things were getting better, but this is taking us back to square one — even worse.”””. Past generations had much worse to deal with, but showed stoicism, forbearance and fortitude. Jigsaw later pointed out he used poor tools in the trap, making it an even worse recreation of a Jigsaw murder. He says that he ran away from something he considers to be even worse than rockets and Kalashnikovs: hopelessness. He can easily wait until wintertime, when Ukraine’s economy, already suffering greatly, is likely to get even worse. It was even worse to be a freak and be smart. use "even worse " in a sentence. Examples of worse in a sentence Worse, she looked irritated. Unfortunately, it is about to get even worse. He is also easily beaten by Ben, normally even worse than the others. even worse, from 1975 the blend contained no white grapes. If anyone was injured during the heist, the legal ramification will be even worse for the robbers. RELATED ( 4 ) what was even harder. The medicine was supposed to help my cough, but it seems to have made it worse. I was left without a school and, even worse, without a future, without the possibility of an education.”. Sentences Menu. even worse, there was nothing local about it. The Confederate arrangement was even worse. A comparative adjective is used to compare two things with each other. adjective. even worse, the company warned that futures sales may be more born to be reviled than wild. In El Salvador, trans women have a life expectancy 41 years lower than the average of the overall population. The rashes and sores would go away and come back even worse. even worse despite being a fish, he can’t swim or breathe underwater. Worse means "less good," that is, a) lower in quality, b) less pleasant, attractive, effective, useful, etc., or c) more serious or severe. even worse, beverages with caffeine are mildly diuretic, meaning they cause the body to produce more urine. The situation was even worse for Pentagon planners considering rescue options in 2014. Mes notes étaient mauvaises, mais les siennes étaient encore pires. Worse definition: Worse is the comparative of → bad . Low-income Americans are even worse off than they were in the depths of the recession, he said. Another word for worse. Intial assessments after the Vilonia was hit again on Sunday suggested this disaster could be even worse. It’s even worse that Senator McConnell says it’s not his job to bring jobs to Kentucky.
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