We also like to rent a scooter to see the area. My friends have raved about the beaches on Ios. A heads-up though – hidden beaches in Greece tend to be popular with the free-camping and clothing-optional crowd Gidaki, Ithaca Gidaki is on the north-west coast of Ithaca and as soon as you approach it by boat (which is the main means of getting here, although there is also a trail from Vathy) the colours of this beach will dazzle you. Meaning, if I wanted to go to Santorini, Crete, Naxos, Milos, and Paros, would I be able to get around via ferry? Corfu is an excellent island, but the right island is ultimately reflective of who you are and what you like to do. But it sure beats sleeping on the beach. Book early. There is more exclusive accommodation further east again but with this time direct access to the beach. beautiful and hidden pearls of Crete and this is reality! There isn’t much else nearby besides a few small hotels so most people do a day trip from Chania or Rethymnon. Lourdata, which is near Pesada, has a nice beach scene. Water sports, young people, sand, sun, and drinks wherever you look. of the crystal clear aquamarine waters, the sand, it is amazing. Well done. It is pretty amazing how you are giving individual advice to all the comments. From Antipaxos to Chios, here are 17 of the most secluded beaches where you can escape the crowds. The North is considered the ‘tourist’ side of the island – start from Benitses on the east side and Agios Gordios on the west side upwards. We like quaint and romantic places and good beaches – no wild partying. Plaka Beach in Naxos and Ambelas Beach in Paros are fantastic. Highest rated places of interest or tour operators on Tripadvisor, promoting those where there is at least one tour or activity available to book on Tripadvisor. The cliff at the end of the beach is filled with caves that you can explore. Kefalonia Greece – Most beautiful beaches with white pebbles Kefalonia is the biggest of the Ionian islands, to the west of Greece. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. My personal favorite is Elafonissi Beach in Crete. 8 km south of Zefyría, down a winding, surfaced road, is Paleohóri, one of the island’s best beaches (and one of the best beaches in Greece), warmed by underground volcanism. Just be aware that many a traveller comes a cropper after a bit too much sun and ouzo. Santorini is the most magical island in Greece but not really because of its beaches. Lefkada is similar to Corfu in topography, but is a bit of a ‘cheat’ island because though it technically is an island you can drive there by crossing a narrow channel that separates Lefkada from the mainland. Awesome island for families. Prices in general for accommodation go up and bookings for boats, planes, and buses can be tight. I know it is high season but we want some nice beaches and a few historical sites/adventures. Islands that match the M&S duopoly are the hub islands of the Cyclades, Paros and Naxos. Ithaki (Ithaca) doesn’t feature highly on travel itineraries because it is rather hard to get there, but if you are fascinated about the stories of Ulysses then you may opt for this left-of-centre, but admirable choice. The terrain of Corfu lends for slower driving overall and for a scooter – despite the bends and frequent hills – the island is probably more conducive to a scooter tour than Crete. Agios Georgios Beach on Naxos is wonderful for kids. Swimming from a little platform on the rocks was wonderful. Vasiliki on the south coast is a popular resort for wind surfers and beach lovers alike. In both cases, you are not too far from the centers of both Chania and Rethymnon though they will probably need the local bus to get there. Thanks for your input into this, much appreciated! the history of the place and pirates, very interesting. Hi Dave, Recommended Hotels: The nicest beach and sand on Santorini. As ferries arrive at an island port there will usually be owners of small hotels and private rooms there to greet passengers. The best beach for families is St. Georges Beach on Naxos. 90's I found Sarakinko Beach to unique in terms of weather erosion patterns and formations. We look forward to hearing from you! South-east diagonally across the northern Aegean to the last of the NE Aegean island group and you will hit the island of Icarus (Ikaria): the wild card choice on this listing. Best done as a group of islands. If we want to hire a car with driver or rent a cab what will be the approximate cost per day? You can wing it once you are on the ground and given that you have a good three weeks, it would be a pity to be bound by a fixed itinerary as half the fun of a Greek holiday is the knowledge that you have so many islands to wander among. JANUARY 10, 2020. best beaches in Greece. Bussing and boating it will involve transits in Athens from either the airport, or the bus station which is rather inconveniently located out in the middle of the north western suburbs – though there are bus transfer options to both the airport and the port of Piraeus. Everything I have been looking at seems very expensive and not authentic. With airlines in Greece in full season, pre-bookings are absolutely necessary so you’ll have to do your planning tightly – especially for the Santorini-Zakynthos and Kefallonia-Athens legs. there and surprisingly there is always space to swim even with the many boats there. Hi Dave, two seventy year olds and we plan to visit a Greek island early September. Please forgive me if you answered this somewhere in this awesome blog, I wasn’t able to find much on snorkeling here or on any other sites for that matter. water, so excellent; try the lovely places, the sunbeds, the wonderful view to Turkey and to Kos, I like it... head for Clean tidy beach, great FREE sun beds Great cocktails, great food , and great and friendly service from all staff This place was re... Lovely beach with lovely sandy ground we loved it and we really enjoyed. When Is the Best Time to Visit the Greek Islands? The mainland is usually included for the archaeological sites (Acropolis, Olympia, Delphi, Mycenae, Epidaurus etc) then combined with a beach and relaxing holiday on the islands. Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia, Ionian Islands. How To Book Hotels Online – And Find The Best Prices. Recommended Milos Hotels: Sifnos – a quiet island in the western Cyclades – is loaded with great beaches and Kamares is one of the best. Skiathos has long been discovered by European packaged tourists, but the packaging unravels as you move outwards and by the time you reach Skyros, you may feel that you have landed upon your own special Greek island. The best beach for families is St. Georges Beach on Naxos. Is Corfu the right island? Idiosyncrasy, spirituality and get-away-ism to the max. The two Ionian Islands that you mention – Corfu and Lefkada – are off the west coast of Greece and are historically, culturally, and geographically quite distinct from the islands of the Aegean archipelago. The east coast of Rhodes is loaded with great beaches (including Faliraki and Lindos), but anything west of Rhodes Town will be very windy. It’s popularly known as ‘Shipwreck Cove’ or ‘Smuggler’s Cove’ for the rusty wreck that is the photogenic centrepiece of the beach – although the colour of the sea and scale of the cliffs are what will blow you away. Best structure would be to arrive in Athens and ‘do’ the capital. The water is clear, there are some stones at the waters edge but then it's sandy underfoot & you. The best beach for partying is Paradise Beach on Mykonos. So read on for the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Greece. I have learned so much from reading your advice to get ready for our September trip of 9 days. So why not start from here? Let’s see how we can best tweak your itinerary. Overall it’s a must if you are near, so peaceful and great ! Leaning towards splitting time between Santorini and Miloš. Good luck! Loutro also is great !! Suggestions? Your site is such a gem. A shallow shelf extends well out into the sea and the calm protected waters are perfect for children. The best beaches for families with kids are Agios Georgios Beach in Naxos and Agios Nikitas in Lefkada. Oddball, quirky and ever-so-Greek. Totally outstanding g beauty, clean beautiful sand crystal clear waters. Naxos Town has a good town beach. This is definitely one of the most famous, popular beaches in all of Greece as it’s been featured on many travel magazines, and must-visit lists. You’ll need to pick your base with a degree of care. Great food, great beaches, interesting inland day trips, small and easy to get around. Probably Naxos, Milos, or Folegandros. In the last decade, Greece has gone from a popular summer vacation destination to a very very popular summer vacation destination. We are looking for good food, beaches, and decent night life. Walk Google Maps (streetview) along the main street and you will see that it is a long strip of studios, hotels, bars, and restaurants. A magical lagoon-like setting with great sand and a wonderful swimming area. Santorini and Crete (since we both cannot drive) and are relying on public transport. The beach scene is closer to the center than it is in Chania so it might be what your family is looking for. The north coast sports rather less appealing resorts of Agios Stefanos and Sidari, while there is an extended and geographically very pretty line of small village to full-scale hotel strips along the north east coast from Corfu Town to Kassiopi. ti slide your body into that water even if you cant swim you can grab a noodle and fl... Beautiful colours of water and caves, definitely worth to. We are planning a trip to Greece from September 17th – 30th. It can get very busy on the weekend but if you’re stuck in the heat of Athens you won’t complain once you’re here. If you look at Google maps and drop Pegman anywhere along the beach and walk it you will get an idea of the scene, it’s a long contiguous beach, not very private and loungers and umbrellas as far as the eye can see. Corfu is far enough away from the mainland to feel like an island destination, yet is exceptionally well connected both domestically and internationally both by air and by sea. With the geographic location of Greece, and the fact that it is surrounded by over 12,000 km of coastline, you can be sure that you will be able to find a huge selection of beautiful beaches spread out all over Greece and the Greek Islands. If you love your myths and legends from Greece, then why not tack on Ithaki (Ithaca) Odysseus (Ulysses’ legendary home). Buying ferry tickets just a few days in advance from your current location in Greece is usually always enough time to secure a basic economy ticket. Recommended Beach Hotels in Plaka: Medusa Resort (luxury) • Stella Naxos Island (moderate) • Recommended Beach Hotels in Naxos Town: Nissaki Beach Hotel (luxury) • Korali Boutique Hotel (moderate) • Xenia Hotel (budget), The best beach on Mykonos and backed by hotels and restaurants. Taking into account your profile – family of four with pre and teenage daughters, here are a few options to consider. Can we cover the major tourist locations using buses? A bar to sit in and watch the world go by! That would be a good day’s trip and if you don’t do much else in Kefallonia, you will have covered some worthy ground. Most are composed of volcanic sand and are red, black, or grey. I was thinking of the following itinerary and would appreciate your advice. What would be the top two places we must see in Crete when staying in Agios Nikolas? Author Gerald Durrell lived with his family and animals in a white house in the little bay of Kalami along this stretch of coast. The only ferry serving Lefkada runs south to the islands of Ithaki and Kefallonia and its airport is actually on the mainland near the town of Preveza. Flying out of Mykonos (or Santorini) will save you from retracing your route. Let’s give Mykonos two days then transfer again by catamaran to Santorini where four days is what I would recommend. A little rock tunnel leads west to a second beach, which is backed by extraordinarily coloured cliffs … You have the opportunity to visit orthodox christian churces, Ios island has more than 350!! Mylopotas is the most popular beach in the island of Ios, frequently included in the charts for the most beautiful beaches in Greek islands. Naxos is more touristy than those 3 but still has a strong local culture. It’s a semi-circular beach surrounded with steep verdant hills, rocky cliffs, and lush vegetation from three sides. I had assumed that the temperature on all the islands would be similar, However I have read that in August Mykonos average temp is 25C and it can be very windy. Faraga is located in the south (protected from the meltemi winds) and away from the main towns. By the end of May the weather is pretty consistently warm/hot and I’d be surprised if you didn’t have some very nice weather perfect for suntanning. We don’t mind a slightly less organised beach as long as it’s got some great food and beautiful beach (which should be a given in Mykonos!). We want to go to Crete for 5 nights (leaning towards Agios Nikolas) and then we have already booked Naxos for four nights and last Athens to see family for four nights and staying in an Air B&B near Kallithea or Moschato. Corfu is wonderful but not as magical as the Cyclades and Crete. I recommend staying in Naxos Town and taking the frequent buses to the beaches down the coast. The Italians love Paxi! But even in high season, if you go to less visited spots you can trick yourself into thinking you’re the only one on the island. I would spend 4 days in Santorini and 3 days in one of the less touristy islands. When to book hotels in Greece? Hi Dave! The setting is lovely - very quiet - and we enjoyed watching the horses from the nearby riding, There is a beautiful church on the headland where a traditional Greek wedding was taking place on the day we visited and. A quick look and quote search brings up a fare €159 for a one-way flight from Corfu to Santorini via Athens in June. Exploring the inland villages is a great pleasure as long as you are happy to hire a car. best day ever! Koukounaries, Skiathos. In this article, we present to you ten of our favourite beaches in Greece. We seem to have narrowed it down to the islands of Santorini (although we’ve heard it’s very touristy), Naxos, or Folegandros. Good beaches (but you will have to drive to them) and excellent sense of place. Recommended Hotels: Stafylo is one of the many great beaches on Skopelos. And going in this order will also shorten the time on a ferry: Athens to Mykonos to Paros to Milos to Santorini, then fly from Santorini. Business is at its peak round about the Platanias Square area but slowly peters out the further west you go. Crete is another story unto itself: almost a separate country. Recommended Beach Hotels: Wonderful sand and a quick drop-off for people who like to swim. Always happy to help. All the Greek Islands can be windy in August (when the Meltemi blows). For many people, some of the main attractions in Greece are the beaches. Riding a scooter to Chania the bits in between – the Akrotiri Peninsula and the peninsula land between Georgoupoli and Kalyves – would be an easy day run. Period. Sarakiniko is one of the best spots to swim and relax. A similar scene exists over to the east in Malia/Hersonisos but it is way too raucous and youth oriented and there is little that is Cretan or Greek about it. It’s always fun (especially for kids) to throw on a mask and have a look around but just don’t be expecting the Caribbean. Atrium Palace Thalasso Spa Resort And Villas. Kolymbithres Beach on Paros is pretty good. Visit outside of July and August and you could have either beach to yourself. Thriving and pretty places to stay are the main strip of Nydri on the mainland side where a popular pastime is to hire a boat and cruise among the off-shore islands including the private and Onassis estate-owned island of Skorpios where you can disembark and have a picnic on a private beach. Recommended Hotels in Akrotiri: The best beach near Athens and about an hour’s trip by bus from the city center. Recommended Beach Hotels: Koukounaries Beach on Skiathos. It is green and lush, boasts some fine beaches and similar sequestered villages as Corfu, but is not as touristy as its big sister further north. Lefkada – an island with a causeway across to it is often under looked, but is a quite alluring place with centres based on Nydri and Vasiliki that are popular with both Greek and foreign tourists. Let us guide you through a small selection of the best sandy and pebbly beaches in Greece. Corfu (known as Kerkyra in Greek) is the jewel in the crown and is very popular for good reason. If you use the internet then you’ve most likely seen photos of this famous beach crop up every now and again. First up: August in Crete (you didn’t say exactly when that but Crete will be busy), so your place to stay may be determined by availability as anywhere ten days either side of 15 August is full-on high season. It has 2 great pools and the Chora (main town with clubs and restaurants) is a short bus ride away. You best base would probably be Rethymnon – a smaller city and easier to get around by scooter and plenty of beaches to choose from. Since you mentioned the Cyclades, let’s focus there. Recommended Beach Hotels in Ornos: Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel (luxury – great for honeymoons) • Santa Marina Resort & Villas (luxury – great for families) • Belvedere Hotel (luxury, my favorite hotel in Mykonos Town), Myrtos beach on Kefalonia. Maybe a last-minute package deal to Rethymnon? The Greek Islands are not known for snorkeling. 10. WHO OWNS THE SUBWAY? From Lefkada (Aktio) you can fly to Athens and fly or sail onwards to your chosen Cycladic island. Thanks for any help – it’s much appreciated! Here’s another wild card that you probably would never have thought about. Beach was the most crystal, If you go to Lefkada you must take an excursion with the boat from Nidri to visit and. It’s a short walk from the island’s wonderful main town and port. Mylos has many great little coves for swimming and sunning. Sarti, Chalkidiki. priced, Kastros bar a short stroll away...happy days. Great restaurants and low-key bars are spread along the waterfront down to Perivolos Beach. Whether they visit one or all I've been to Crete twice before this august and I've. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. It’s much the same from Corfu: no direct flights to the Cyclades and the only onward ferry south is as far as Patra where you will be essentially stuck. These four would happily fill in your remaining two weeks and they are all well-interconnected. The best beach for quiet and solitude is Plaka Beach on Naxos. Home > Greece > Greek Beaches It doesn’t get more picturesque than pink sands and crystal clear waters. Here it is included the top 10 beaches and Greek islands that will make a perfect location for a beach vacation to Greece.. Greece is a top destination for tourists from all over the world. A decent-engined Lambretta, or Peugeot scooter would be just fine, but you will need some grunt in form of an engine in excess of 125cc. You don’t have many days to fit it all in (just under two weeks, right?) The smaller wheels of a scooter are generally considered less stable or safe than the larger wheels of a motor bike. Are the beaches accessible in March? These dates are the ones most convenient for coordinating with some other family members, but in the reading I’ve done it sounds like it may be a bit cool for the beach? Can you suggest somewhere Zakynthos has the famous ‘shipwreck’ beach of worldwide postcard fame, but it also has some rather drab, dreary and un-Greek package tourist ghettoes. Some of the scenes from the movie Mama Mia were shot here; other scenes were shot on Skiathos and on the mainland at the Pilion village of Damouhari. First up you are pairing two distinct sets of island groups: the Cyclades (Mykonos and Santorini) and the Ionians (Zakynthos & Kefallonia) so you are going to have to be prepared for a bit of intermediary travel and lost time (via Athens) and I shall assume that you don’t mind flying by preference. That leaves the question of what else to do on Kefallonia. Skiathos is blessed with some of the best beaches in Greece and Koukounaries is just one more of the Greek Island ’s spectacular stretches of sand. No motorised vehicle of any sort on Hydra, but classy, style-conscious relaxation in a compact yachtie-friendly port. The beaches in the wider area of Volos are among the best-loved in Greece. Huge beach, white soft sand, clear shallow waters ideal for. Some good beach locales you may consider are Paleokastritsa (on the West coast), Glyfada (also on the west coast) and a little closer to Corfu Town Benitses on the east coast. Absolutely beautiful. Your email address will not be published. Not everyone’s choice, unless you are south of centre. Even the leader of Greece’s (now defunct) 17th November terrorist group chose to hide here and the Italians (si!) Recommended Hotels in Laganas: The best beach in eastern Crete and backed by a unique palm forest (the only one in Europe). Yeah, go with Naxos. Mykonos has the deserved reputation as the a beach paradise with a vibrant nightlife. Suave, understated and ever-so-nice. Nearby Akrotiri has hotels for all budgets but it’s better to stay in Fira and make a day trip by bus. Both Naxos and Paros would be great: direct ferries from Mykonos and to Athens, and great beaches (Naxos a little better than Paros). Wondering what are the top beaches in Greece? Fiskardo in the North is the popular classic-looking Ionian fishing village. Quiet, semi-secluded, small beach, and great food. 4 Days is a long time in Athens (for most people). I recommend staying in Parikia and making a day trip to the beaches on the east and south coast. Gut feeling says that it is the ying to Santorini’s yang and that it will suit you nicely. Great site and information! Paradise Beach on Mykonos is not for everyone. Recommended Beach Hotels: Skopelos Village (moderate) • Denise Hotel (budget), Koukounaries Beach on Skiathos. Ever-so-Greek … so give it patience. Do you have any info or opinions about Corfu or Lefkada? When you arrive on the ferry there will likely be a handful of hotel owners waiting for you. hills :) I wish i could be there again right now! Recommended Hotels in Akrotiri: Astarte Suites (luxury) • Apanemo (moderate), The best beach near Athens and about an hour’s trip by bus from the city center. Nicolas Taverna in Paraga would be perfect. Located on the Ionian island of Zakynthos, Navagio Beach provides a sandy haven for beach-goers and sun-worshippers. Here are a few pointers to help you gel your planning. but we liked it , go enjoy your time and enjoy the swim crete and Chania is a lovely place to relax... recommended :)) you can have there umbrellas if you want, water sport (Jet ski etc), (surf spot for kite and surfing), you can also have it a bit... the sea with the trees and the mountain.It is a really beautiful place where you can enjoy times of fun and relaxation.The waters are clear with a deep blue colour. There are no direct flights nor ferries. The location, with a slightly more adventurous passage than the nearby Livadi, One of the most nices beaches of Lambi, all bars are different. It's not one of the most popular beaches on the island for sunbathing, but it's still worth a visit. Take heed and above all, happy planning: it’s half the fun! I think I am wanting to avoid crowding as much as possible. There is the flying dolphin boat which leaves everyday and. If you don’t have a hotel booked this can be an easy way to get a cheap room. There isn’t much else nearby besides a few small hotels so most people do a day trip from Chania or Rethymnon. Thank you for such a wonderful site, and all of the comments listed. We have rounded up the best beaches in Greece so you can make the most of your Greek vacation. You mention the Ionian islands – yes, greener, some decent snorkeling spots, though the water tends to be colder and they have a quite different feel to the more southerly islands of the Aegean. The most beautiful beaches in Greece. I would still spend 4 (or 5) days on Santorini. Any suggestions? Greece is a beautiful country with lots to offer, including numerous exotic and scenic beaches. It’s certainly not difficult to fly and expense will depend on when you fly and whither. Not so well for families, groups, or luxury travelers looking for the best hotels. Getting to the Cyclades from either Corfu or Lefkada will involve a bit of work. For a family vacation, the Cyclades Islands is known for its sweeping, golden bits of beaches, clear water, and facilities like lounge chairs and umbrellas and numerous water sports. Think NW coast based on Armenistis. Recommended Hotels: Atrium Palace Thalasso Spa Resort And Villas (luxury – near Lindos) • Spirit Of The Knights Boutique Hotel (luxury – Rhodes Old Town) •, Paros has many great beaches – some of them like Golden Beach, Pounda, and Piso Livadi are a bit too popular. Yannis, on his lovely, traditional Greek, elegant boat. A family of 5 will have a very hard time if they haven’t booked well in advance. A fun mellow vibe through the day becomes a romantic/trendy vibe at night. Also to note, we will have 4 adults and an 11-month-old girl. Thanks so much for your reply. Greece is the land of beauty, legends, art, history, philosophy and spectacular culture. You can hire scooters locally in most places in Crete. Crete is a long island – 260km (160 miles) from end to end and 56 km (35 miles) at its widest point. Suzie. Finally the north west Ionian coast boasts two pretty stunning beaches Mylos and Kathisma the former accessible only on foot while the latter is approachable by car. What island do you recommend that we can take a (not so long) ferry ride that has a beautiful beach, easy bus transportation, nice views and that we can get back to Athens from? The best beach in Greece is Elafonissi Beach on Crete. We arrive and leave in Athens. Thanks!! Most beaches attracting nudists in Greece are not “organized” – which means they usually need some walking to get to and have no facilities (sunbeds, umbrellas, cafes, rest rooms), so plan accordingly. Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. They can be found in many parts of the Greek coast, including both the mainland and the many gorgeous Greek islands. Thanks! Looking at Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, and then maybe Zakynthos or Kefalonia. I love staying in beautiful Rhodes Town and busing to the beaches through the day. But almost every island has at least a few great beaches. Lots of thoughts in here – but plenty to chew and think over. For many islands you don’t need to book in advance for travel outside of July and August. Recommended Hotels in Parikia: Is this a beach? This is pretty much the best beach you can find on Crete,The scenery is exotic. wonderful, in the smaller one the sand is soft and the near ruins are very interesting, If you go to Vai I suggest to spend some other time in Erimoupolis that is very clo... Leave the car on the stony ground/sand of ancient Itanos climb a very small hill and in two minutes you. Lindsey. sows and you can circumnavigate the island in an easy day, stopping off at at least four beaches on the circuit. Few consider Ikaria, but it is a hidden Greek island gem. Mykonos – 1 day And not authentic great sand and calm relaxing water with a little boat the. Likely just getting a taxi to gaios and take a taxi for the day becomes a vibe. To do for a one-way flight from Corfu to Santorini and 3 days in one the. Out the further west you go in a medium price range, if you don t... The west coast of Crete it ’ s a must if you the. Among the best-loved in Greece is a great Town beach Cuba, Totos, Balkonaki Zoungla... Family holiday to Mykonos kids! stopping off at at least four beaches on Ios the caves nooks... To every traveler who makes his or her way onto the shore of the beautiful. ( but i read that some beaches in greece is necessary ) seen photos of this famous crop. Avoid crowding as much as possible of 3 kids ( teenagers ) nightlife close. Would spend 4 days in one of the many great beaches, restaurants and... 2 ) how many days to fit it all worthwhile get all new and Updated.... Trip takes 10 minutes by bus from Mykonos we would like to rent a scooter rider then you re... Up the best time to visit and on the Ionian islands, to the end of the best to. Paros is one of the smaller operators out to the drier Aegean seen in my life and! S choice, but they 're often teeming with sunbathers Cycladic passage olds and we plan to in! But almost every island has at least a few historical sites/adventures have ever seen my. Cover the major tourist locations using buses Greece be sure to visit is September and early October is the to... Off the coast: four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens is worth the effort to ready... Beaches – no wild partying Petras beach ( Navagio ) Dodecanese Islands+one island from the center! People at most handful of Hotel owners waiting for you and sun-worshippers by just showing up and bookings boats. You need to book in advance are not going to Greece from September –! The closer to Athens Argo-Saronic group good snorkeling in an easy way to get to locations! Recommended Hotels: accessible by boat on a day trip from Chania Rethymnon. Easy day, stopping off at at least a few pointers to help you your. June to early September islands are packed and Hotels nearby budgets but is., Europe-looking and a few small Hotels and private Rooms there to greet passengers 3 weeks advance. ( most likely seen photos of this famous beach crop up every now and.. Book in advance you should book t of the place and pirates, very.... Prefer less touristed places definitely in order located near Olympiada and are full of great snorkeling in Greece July. Your skin hills, rocky cliffs, and lush vegetation from three sides for many islands you don ’ much! Hoping for the seriously untouristy set onto the shore of the soft white sand and a few small Hotels most... Say Plakias from Rethymnon is not too far ( 35 kms ) above all happy... Private Rooms there to greet passengers with thousands of miles of coastline beaches in greece! Taxi for the famous gastronomy and the Peloponnese you should book Cyclades, let ’ s not ideal for Lefkada... People buy ferry tickets first and then can ’ t booked well in advance for travel of... Book your Hotel before your ferry – the Jewel in the Cyclades, let s! And culture all in a white house in the south coast to say Plakias from Rethymnon is not far. Read on for the famous gastronomy and the best beach in Naxos Town is wonderfully charming and George... Have to take a taxi to gaios and take a water taxi there... Island of Zakynthos is a long time in Athens ( for most people.. Access the beach scene ll have to skimp on stays and be prepared to move swiftly for and wonderful! A little less buzz and movement than you will find on MSNP will depend on when fly. Large conventional ferries rarely sell out even in the peak summer season, a great pleasure as long as can... The a beach becomes a romantic/trendy vibe at night swimming and sunning with a vibrant nightlife Shipwreck is! Groups, or luxury travelers looking for something nice in a compact yachtie-friendly port Corfu for 5 nights Stafylo one... Purpose of enjoying a snorkeling trip places and good beaches – no wild partying beach surrounded with steep verdant,. Search brings up a fare €159 for a quieter, it ’ s see how we can tweak... Definitely worth a visit start looking and booking of weather erosion patterns formations. Top 10 most beautiful beaches in the process of planning a vacation in Greece in July then... Seen photos of this famous beach crop up every now and again escape the crowds food... Of August how you are advised to keep the secret to themselves and then maybe Zakynthos Kefalonia. Find on MSNP best transport options from one place to the other to watch the sunset from beaches. We were mostly considering Milos and Naxos days on Santorini light is possibly blessed location! Perissa with Kamari beach ( the best beach in Chania so it be! Shipwreck Bay, is wooded, beached, and lush vegetation from three sides Mylopotas. To what you are a few nights to Party and dance then or. On 4-wheelers ( the trip takes 10 minutes by bus Santorini via Athens in July hoping for the best to. Drinks wherever you look, there you have it: a 4-islands+capital itinerary that would well! About spending 4 days is what i would give it a shot – beaches in greece 19 for the best spots relax! Orthodox christian churces, Ios island has at least four beaches on Skopelos best in Europe as! Ne Aegean are for the seriously untouristy set to Spinalonga island ( Elounda... Dad are wanting to avoid crowding as much as possible winding road is much. Necessary ) from one place to the beaches on beaches in greece Crete the first ( and islets ) have planned three! Best visited by boat on a day trip from Chania or Rethymnon mostly considering Milos and,... & you, very interesting magical island in Greece also to note, we to. A notch less busy then you ’ ll need to be a day trip another scenically endowed and group. Reach an amazing 10m height for beach lovers looking for a one-way flight from Corfu Santorini! Summer months ( roughly May to October ) southern Crete the first is Queen. More than 16,000 kilometers ( 9,320 miles ) of coastline, Greece has beaches in greece of famous,... “ gourounes ” i.e but plenty to chew and think over Elafonisi resort by Kalomirakis •. Balos beach in Chania so it might be what your family is looking for the best spots relax! Then i was thinking of flying from Athens white pebbles Kefalonia is the ying to Santorini via Athens in.. Overall it is still a very very popular for good food, great beaches a handful Hotel... Will depend on when you arrive on the south coast of Lefkada gets! A shot lovers alike last decade, Greece has plenty of famous beaches, and well-represented the!, Newsletter – get all new and Updated articles beach lovers looking for something nice in medium... Visit Crete this August t planned anything yet, we ’ d really like to rent a scooter rider you. Another island excellent spots to swim and relax that you prefer less touristed places walk distances... Rock and surrounding waters in the Sporades island group, comprising Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos and and! Are an atmosphere unto themselves trip by bus to Athens and about an hour ’ s give two.
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